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Wake-Up Smoothie

This smoothie is great before or after a workout. It's healthy, delicious and a perfect start to your morning!
smoothie recipe healthy

1 Frozen Banana (if fresh add ice)

Frozen mangos or strawberries 

Almond milk about ¼ cup or to desired consistency

2 TBL almond or peanut butter – high quality no Jiff!

1 TBL coconut oil – high-quality cold-pressed unrefined

1 TBL ground flaxseed – optional

1 Scoop Collagen powder – optional

1 Scoop Green powder such as Athletic Greens or Green Vibrance – optional

Blend well and top with chia seeds or hemp seeds! 

Ideally, you want to eat within 1 hour of waking to stabilize blood sugar.  This smoothie is great before or after a workout.  Mangos are high in fiber, but you can customize with your choices of fruit and milks.  Avoid any added sweeteners.  Get creative!  You could add in a Hemp powder, your favorite protein powder, anything goes! 

Protein, Fiber, Fat – perfect start to your morning! 

Remember to always consult your doctor before starting any supplements.  


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